About our organisation

Sandéns Security Printing are one of Scandinavia’s largest producers of lottery tickets, scratch cards, bingo cards and telephone cards. We also print a large number of special tailor-made promotional lottery tickets and scratch cards as per our customers’ wishes. Large-scale production takes place with help of modern technology. A number of specialist machines have been produced to fulfill our own specific operations. Our printing presses are certified to the highest security classification, meaning that we are authorised to print lottery tickets and scratch cards for the highest prize categories both within Sweden and in the rest of Europe. A large proportion of our products are exported and sales take place through dedicated retailers.


Sandéns Security Printing was founded in 1921 under the name Karnevalslargret by John and Kerstin Sandén. Initially, operations focused on leasing and to a greater extent, the production of goods for parties, carnivals and fairgrounds. When John and Kerstin’s enterprising and ingenuitive son Stig took over operations in the 1940s, focus increasingly turned towards the printing and production of lottery tickets. Stig invented and took out a patent on the legendary lottery ring which laid the foundation for the entire organisation’s development.

The printing press that was found at the time in the Sandén family’s cellar, craved bigger premises to house the growing number of specialist machines which were being used to streamline production. When the then Stig Sandén AB began the manufacture of bingo cards in the 1960s, the organisation no longer had enough room to operate in the family’s cellar, so in 1967, the company relocated to new premises on Ystadsvägen, Eslöv. The organisation is still found here today, albeit after several extensions to the original factory.

The traditional production of bingo cards, tombola lots, lottery tickets, 21 lottery tickets, scratch cards, break open tickets and advent calendars still continues in large volumes with the help of modern technology. Today however, a larger extent of production is found in the manufacture of telephone cards, high prize lottery tickets and scratch cards, and also tailor made specialist lottery tickets, used for example for advertising purposes.